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Nave cargo

Buy your products directly from us.

We produce, import and deliver wholesale goods tailored to your needs directly to your address, with no minimum order quantity required. Just show us your idea: we will take care of everything. Find out ten good reasons to choose us.

We will follow, on your behalf, every stage of the product development process

Let us guide you step-by-step in creating your new article, whether you already have field experience or still need to get it. You can count on us.

We buy directly from factories

We communicate directly with Chinese factories without relying upon third-party resellers. In this way, our prices will always be affordable.

No extra costs

Unless you ask us for expensive changes during production, all the costs will be written on your quotation.

After-sales service

After purchasing, come back to us anytime to ask questions or clarify any doubts. We will be here to assist you.

Products and packaging will be branded with your logo and design. The shape will be entirely customized

Differentiate yourself from the competition by selling unique and inimitable items only you can offer.

No MOQ required

Although we sell wholesale products, you are not bound to place any minimum order quantity.

We will carry out product testing and quality inspections in China

Your goods will fully comply with the EU directives (or those required by your country): major third-party companies will conduct the product testing to ensure all parameters are met. Furthermore, we will perform quality inspections close to the goods' readiness to ensure an optimal result.

A professional graphic designer will create the packaging for you

Whether you are looking for a private labelling solution or want to develop a new product, our one-stop solution is professional. Your packaging will be created or revised by one of our professional Italian graphic designers: your satisfaction is our goal.

We will deliver directly to the address you provide

We will follow all the production stages, from the beginning to the end. Afterwards, we will deliver the products directly to your warehouse. Taxes and duties will be calculated in advance.

Reliability and fast communication

We guarantee full reliability and will always be available to speak with you about questions or concerns. Click here for more information.

What's next?

Do you have any questions or concerns that need our assistance?


Schedule a videocall with us!

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