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The five main steps to create your fully customized product from scratch in China, at factory prices.

If you're wondering how we create your fully customized products in China and deliver them directly to your warehouse, this is the right section.
Although each item is different, there are some procedures that we always follow to ensure that the final result is up to expectations.

Find out below the stages to make your new product. Remember: all the costs will be stated in advance on the initial quotation.

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01 - You will choose a product to create; we will search for a suitable factory and send you a free quotation

First of all, you need to define a product to create. In our shop, you can choose from various categories and items. Once you have determined the idea about the article you are interested in, you can add the quotation request to the cart and forward it to us for free.

Remember that we only produce fully customizable items. Therefore, decide in advance how you would like your product to look. If you wish, contact us and ask for a free catalogue of your desired product, in this way it will be easier for you to choose the design. Don't worry if you have yet to developed a professional graphic; it will be created by one of our designers. A simple drawing, a photo or a draft will be enough for us to find a suitable Chinese factory and send you a free quotation. It will include all the costs you will have to deal with. If you wish, you can organize a videocall with us, chat or call us to discuss your project.

02 - Sampling

Once you receive the quotation, if you find it aligned with your expectations, we will create a sample of the desired product.

Remember that each object requires a precise production timeline to be realised from scratch. At this stage, we invite you to be patient to get a good result.

Once the sample is finished, we will send you some photos (it is possible to ask for free changes if needed). Once your side approves everything, we will ship a physical sample to you for evaluation.

If further changes are needed before proceeding to mass production, we can make them at no additional cost after the order is confirmed.

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03 - Order confirmation and packaging design

Once the order is confirmed, a professional designer will create the packaging graphics according to your needs.

We will then make a packaging sample, which you will confirm to proceed with mass production. If the product requires a barcode or you have any special requests (e.g. packing way, shipping marks), please let us know in advance. Don't worry anyway, will remind you to provide these details at the right time.


04 - Mass production, product testing and quality inspections

While we take care of managing the mass production of your items, we won't be sitting around. First we will make sure that the parameters necessary to import the goods into the European Union are respected. If required by applicable laws, we will carry out all the tests required through third-party companies to be able to affix the CE mark on the goods.

In case you want to carry out further non-mandatory tests on the products, we will support you without problems but there will be an extra fee to pay.

When mass production is almost complete, we will verify the quality of the goods through a quality inspection: this will ensure that no unpleasant problems arise.

Product test reports, as well as quality inspection reports, will be shared with you to ensure greater transparency.

05 - Shipping and delivery to your warehouse

Once everything is ready, we will send the goods by sea or train directly to the address indicated. We will take care of all customs formalities. Remember that taxes, transport and import costs are included in the initial estimate.


06 - Do you have any questions or concerns? Contact us.

There are many ways to get in touch with us. You can schedule a videocallchat or call us to discuss your project.

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